Be the boss of your backyard with this set of patent-pending locking rubber pool ladder bumpers that securely fasten into your inground swimming pool ladder — LadderBoss™ is the safest and most effective way to protect your pool liner from your pool ladder.

Introducing LadderBoss™, a set of patent-pending locking rubber pool ladder bumpers that securely fasten into your in-ground swimming pool ladder. Utilizing patent-pending ladder locking technology – LadderBoss™ is the safest and most effective way to protect your pool liner from your pool ladder.

In side-by-side testing, we found that LadderBoss™ was 3x more effective in protecting your pool liner than the standard pool ladder bumper solutions offered on the market today. This is because LadderBoss™ bumpers lock into your pool ladder securely and never fall out. The technology and innovation doesn’t stop there; LadderBoss™ offers StorageReady design for seasonal pool owners to ensure your bumpers are properly stored exactly where you left them and passively preventing even the most extreme pool ladder warping from occurring.

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Ladder Locking Technology


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Protecting your pool liner made easy.

With an increasing number of vinyl liner pool owners in the US unprotected, there’s no better time than now to invest in Pool Liner Protection Made Easy with the LadderBoss family of products. Utilizing our Ladder Locking technology, LadderBoss prevents your pool ladder from being “the bad guy”, damaging both you and your pocket – our solution ensures your pool liner is safe and properly protected from the sharp metal edge of your pool ladder–we’ve seen increased longevity rates double just within the first year of testing LadderBoss.

Set it and forget about it.

Pool owners should consider the LadderBoss when considering the lifespan of their pool liner; especially for those in seasonal regions. This innovative solution has features like Ladder Locking Technology, which makes LadderBoss the safest and most effective way to protect your pool liner! Plus it’s StorageReady Design makes this handy solution a necessity in any pool maintenance arsenal—you’ll never have to worry about pool ladder warping or loose pool ladder bumpers again.

We’re pool for
the summer.

The only locking pool ladder bumpers on the market that stay in place.

The safest and most effective way to protect your pool liner.

Get LadderBoss. Starting at $49 USD.

  • Maximum Liner Repair or Replace Cost

  • Minimum Liner Repair Cost

  • LadderBoss


Maximum Liner Repair or Replace Cost


Replacement Pool Liner: $400 - $2,300


Labor Costs: $1,000 - $2500


Filling Pool With Water: $75 - $200


Minimum Liner Repair Cost


Pool Liner Repair Kit: $20 - $50


Labor Costs: $150 - $200


Filling Pool With Water: $75 - $200




LadderBoss™: $49


Labor Costs: $0

What causes Vinyl Pool Liners to Tear?

Tearing many times occurs when the liner is punctured by a sharp object. Try to avoid these problems from occurring.








Prevent liner tears.

Prevent liner tears caused by your pool ladder before they happen and avoid going the DIY way to repair your pool liner. Aside from the cost of the pool liner patch, there are risks and associated costs if a patching installation fails – which could lead to a void in your liner warranty.

Holes, tears, and snags.

Pool liner repairs for minor patching cost between $245 to $450, depending on the severity of the tear, labor, and water costs. It is highly recommended that the repair is serviced by an authorized service provider to maintain your pool liners warranty. A good rule of thumb with tears in a liner is if it is less than 6 inches, then it may be repairable. If the tear is longer than 6 inches, then the entire liner would need to be replaced.

Honey, I shrunk the pool liner!

After several years your liner can lose its elasticity, causing it to be more susceptible to tearing. Accelerators of this loss of elasticity include improper water balance and sun damage. Sun damage can be tough to avoid, but many times improper water balance and poor pool maintenance could have been avoided, increasing the longevity of your liner.

If your vinyl liner is several years or older, we do not recommend draining it. Due to shrinkage, it is very difficult for a liner that has lost it’s elasticity to be drained and refilled with success.

The backyard is re-invented starts in New Jersey.

If you’ve been looking for pool products that can solve your pool maintenance-related issues, then look no further. New Jersey native Ant Pizzi (26) has started an innovative pool products company out of a small garage in Montville, NJ. Combining the teams creativity with delivering quality products, in-sourced manufacturing techniques, and extensive testing background; along with their deep, core-beliefs in always being a customer-centric company. The company is now on a mission to solve the most overlooked pool maintenance issues to date and introduce the re-invention of the backyard.

We put it to the test.

In side by side testing, our results confirmed that the patent-pending Ladder Locking Technology of LadderBoss was 3x more effective in vinyl liner protection than the conventional solution sold globally today.

This “Pull Force” test shows the key differences in tolerance of intentionally or accidentally removing the pool bumpers from the pool ladder; which in most cases has led to pool liner damage or tears.

How To Set Up LadderBoss

4 Quick & Easy steps on how to get started with your new pair of LadderBoss Locking Pool Ladder Bumpers:

Remove Old Pool Ladder Bumpers

Remove Pool Ladder from pool & remove old Pool Ladder Bumpers.

Step 1

Install LadderBoss In Pool Ladder

Place LadderBoss into Pool Ladder, where previous bumpers were.

Step 2

Gently Tighten The LadderBoss

Take a Philips Head Screwdriver to gently tighten LadderBoss until snug.

Step 3

Say Goodbye To Your Worries

Put ladder back in, sit back, and relax while LadderBoss protects your liner.

Step 4

Pool Industry innovation at work.

Patent Pending Technology

Our patent-pending technology is designed with you in mind, so that we can make it easy on everyone who uses a pool ladder.


LadderBoss was built with the latest in technology to ensure our seasonal pool customers have the easiest and fastest closing experience ever.

2 Year Limited Warranty

We never cut corners when it comes to the quality of our products, so you can count on us with a free 2-Year Limited Warranty on nearly every product.

24/7 Chat Support

You can always count on us for reliable customer service. Our team is available 24/7 to help answer any questions that might arise before, during, or after a purchase.

Made in USA

Poolular is committed to designing and additively manufacturing the highest quality in pool products right here in New Jersey, USA. 

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Getting Started with LadderBoss

Have questions for us? You may not be the first or last, check out the key topics below.

Not finding what you need?

Try our 24/7 Poolular AI Chatbot!

Can LadderBoss Stop A Liner from Tearing ?

LadderBoss isn’t guaranteed to completely avoid a vinyl liner tear, as there are unfortunately many ways a liner can tear. For this reason, we built Ladder Boss to minimize the risk of vinyl liner tears caused by the sharpest object living in your pool today; your pool ladder. We focused on solving this issue by developing the patent-pending Ladder Locking Technology in our product- that has proven in side by side testing to be 3x more effective at protecting your vinyl pool liner than any other solution on today’s market.

Does My Pool Builder need to Install LadderBoss?

No, your pool builder is not required to install your LadderBoss product. In just two minutes, you can protect your pool liner with LadderBoss. It’s so easy!

Will LadderBoss protect my Liner Warranty too?

No, LadderBoss does not “extend” or “enhance” the vinyl liner warranty, though, in our testing it has shown to be 3x more effective in vinyl liner protection side-by-side with the standard bumper solutions most popularly used today.

How do you store LadderBoss?

LadderBoss was designed StorageReady, and with the latest in technology to ensure our seasonal pool customers have the easiest and fastest closing experience ever.

Say goodbye to misplaced bumpers and Pool Ladder Warping!

Does LadderBoss work on Gunite Pools too?

Yes! LadderBoss can protect Gunite pools from any scrapping, scratching, or gashing caused by your pool ladder. LadderBoss locks tightly into your pool ladder, using our patent-pending Ladder Locking technology. For those in seasonal regions, the StorageReady design is a huge plus for any pool owner looking to stay organized.

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